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gif mine celebrity leonardo dicaprio best actor Academy Awards 100k The Revenant Oscars 2016 PLEASE HE MADE HIS OWN MEME JOKE ABOUT HIMSELF
** mine leonardo dicaprio im sorry The Wolf of Wall Street HAS THIS ALREADY BEEN DONE jordan belfort
jennifer lawrence leonardo dicaprio Amy Adams gg Golden Globes 13 things I do when I'm bored not funny i know
** leonardo dicaprio penguins 2006
1k edit other leonardo dicaprio 5k 10k 20k oscars Academy Awards oscars 2014
titanic leonardo dicaprio saturday night live snl jonah hill snl liveblog SNL Monologue Jonah Hill Monologue
leonardo dicaprio oscars poor leo oscars2014 oscars selfie britishtoatea
Shubbaart long post rises from the grave this post brought to you by shia lebouf and the mona lisa
  • Leonardo DiCaprio:*names his child Oscar*
  • Doctor:"Would you like to hold h-"
  • Leonardo DiCaprio:"Say it like we rehearsed it."
  • Doctor:*sighs* "And the Oscar goes to..."
leonardo dicaprio Academy Awards one day...
leo leonardo dicaprio BAFTAs blowing kiss
justin bieber mine disney leonardo dicaprio orlando bloom frozen bloom vs bieber it's almost 1 oh no i hope someone sees this anyway i spent way too long making it live from xkit desktop
leonardo dicaprio UNTAGGED lolwut LEONARDO AND OSCAR A STORY MORE TRAGIC THAN ROMEO + JULIET AND TITANIC COMBINED (neither films won him an Oscar either)
RIP to the greatest meme of all time. The father of all memes. The Dicaprio meme. (1994-2016)
film movies leonardo dicaprio science global warming arts climate change oscars filmmaking Oscar acceptance speech
~ leonardo dicaprio oscars Oscars 2016 first time parent
mine titanic leonardo dicaprio leo dicaprio dicaprio draw me like one of your french girls
leo crying leonardo dicaprio oscar
textpost misc leonardo dicaprio long post oscars14
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