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My art ink lethargy growths oh god the arm looks too small
My art ink growth portrait? for some reason the paper looks yellow and idk what to do to make it not look like that >:0
Fanart NSFW Teen Wolf Sterek cries this started out as a stress relief doodle but then i decided to clean it up a lil YELLS I DREW NSFW a small step for mankind a big step for takkun it's still fluffy tho bc that's how i roll cannot escape the fluff crawls away to hide under the covers now BC I'M COLDDDdd IM STILL ALIVE BUT I'M BARELY BREATHIIIING nah i just have work to do and i'm stressed bc uni but i'm also really melancholic and lethargic so click for bigger image btw!!! the original's like twice the size but still sfkdnls
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Childish Gambino - Sober In a return to the surrealistic din...
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