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Girl Scouts has valued and supported all girls since our inception in 1912. There is not one type of girl.
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Why I don’t think it’s funny when men make jokes about that their lives are over once they’re married:-No man is forced to get married. But thousands of girls and women are forced to marry someone they don’t love or even know every fucking year.-There are thousands of couples...
ok so i think that bisexuals should have their own mascot like gay people have unicorns or whatever so i think bisexuals should have the duck-billed platypus because ducks only go out with ducks and beavers or whatever only go out with beavers but i think platypus’ would go out with beavers an...
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The first lesbian couple in Japan
Japan has recently registered its first lesbian couple on the registers. It happened in the Shibuya district, in Tokyo, the first place in the country to allow same-sex marriages. The protagonists of this story are Hiroko Masuhara and Koyuki Higashi, the first same-sex couple in Japan to have an off...
BREAKING NEWS!“Kim Davis, the defiant Kentucky county clerk, was found in contempt of court and taken into federal custody.U.S. District Court Judge David Bunning ordered Davis, th...
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Sanders wants to make all public college tuition free, he’s anti-corporation, pro-working class, pro-environmental issues, and wants to bring jobs back to the US. He’s also pro-woman and equal pay, and pro-lgbt rights. He’s running as a democrat in the 2016 presidential elections. VOTE FOR THIS GUY....