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"Bisexuals don't exist"
I gave a speech on bisexual health at a medical association conference a few years ago. One of the attendees, who is a mental health profess...
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for bi girls
When I first started college I wore my LGBTQ button on my book bag with convictionbut now I wear it with shamebecause a bisexual college girl has become a cliche. My closet has many rooms. I am tired of being questioned by professorsif I am gay because most of my protagonists are.I am tired of my bo...
Damn straight there’s a Bisexual Agenda. It’s to replace all cars with trained pterodactyls by 2025.
here’s to polyamorous bisexuals, to promiscuous bisexuals, to bisexuals who really are confused about their sexuality. i’ve fit into all three of these categories at one point or another and we get thrown under the bus a lot. here’s to everyone who fits the stereotype.
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Shoutouts to all the bisexual people whose parents are secretly hoping they’ll settle down in a heterosexual relationship and get married and have biological children.
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Question of the day
Time for some bi positivity! What’s your favorite thing about being bi? or pan or lgbt in general?
"I need you to be totally straight with me-" *nervous bisexual laughter*
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But we don’t ask straight people about the last time they had sex and then suggest that they aren’t actually heterosexual if it’s been a whi...
Survival Tip
If you ever fall off a cliff just yell “bisexuality is defined by the bi community as attraction to two or more genders” and below you thousands of people will gather to shout “but bi means two” back at you. Landing on them will break your fall.
When I’m dating a man I’m no longer bisexual Just like when I’m at home, I’m no longer employed Or when I’m not studying I’m no longer a student. Mmm object impermanency 
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People are just heterosexual for attention. I swear ALL the girls in high school were heterosexual because they thought it was cool. Heterosexuality is just a trend. It’s so mainstream.