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??(o*???)? Asexuals can appreciate good looking people ??(o*???)? Asexuals are not necessarily sexually repressed or sex-repulsed ??(o*???)? Asexuals can fall in love and enter relationships ??(o*???)? Asexuals can have functioning libidos without being sexually attracted to people ??(o*???)? Asexua...
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About Those Red Equal Signs That Are All Over The Place
So in case you didn’t know, those red equal signs everyone’s posting on Facebook are a modified version of the Human Rights Campaign’s logo. Keep in mind:A) Yesterday HRC had a trans flag removed from the demonstration outside the courthouse, in keeping with their longstanding poli...
If you’re voting for Mitt Romney, you are personally responsible for explaining to any LGBTQ* friends or family in your life why their rights aren’t a priority to you.