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The Liam Payne
He looks soo BadAssĀ  o.o ‘till you see his Shirt…
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  • God:Alright
  • God:Here we go
  • God:One cup of sugar to keep him sweet
  • God:A gallon of talent
  • God:Two cups manliness
  • God:This one's gonna have abs to rival mine
  • God:Okay and now just a teaspoon of cuteness
  • God:*accidentally spills entire universe's supply of cuteness in*
  • ...
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Liam Payne yawning is the cutest thing ever
just look at his adorable face
[Flash 10 is required to watch video.]
Liam Payne Stripping
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Dear male population, learn about Liam Payne. Study Liam Payne. Be Liam Payne. Girls would probably ...
If i ever walked past Louis Tomlinson on the Street
Id regert Nothing
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