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yoongi: always has massive headphones on and never looks anyone in the eye. epitome of the resting bitch face.namjoon: is reading a different book every day. you’re not sure if he actually finishes them.jimin: always the first to give up his seat for grandmas and pregnant ladies. smiles bright...
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Dick can not be contained
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How to transport in Saudi Arabia.
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In Sydney and taking public transport? Here's how you can help.
The Sydney siege has brought the racists out in packs. There are people who are too terrified to go home on public transport because they ‘look Muslim’ or are wearing religious attire. They do not want, nor deserve, to be the target of racial harassment and abuse. If you are taking publi...
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my gifs mine tom hiddleston gillian anderson hiddleston hiddlesedit i can't get to school today since the public transport is holding a strike great timing now i can make gifs instead ;)
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