• 10 Things from which we tend to have too many •

10 Things from which we tend to have too many

Did you ever move a flat? Then you have already admired how many things you can collect without any slight necessity.

1. Boxes

For example: the box of the hairdryer is in the box of the stereo, in the box of the microwave oven, in the box of a TV, on which lies the box of our laptop. How cute and useful they are! Ummm… Sorry, no!
 japanese cats in boxes

2. Cables

There is the cable monster on the bottom of our drawers. Cable, chargers of long dead phones, broken USB ports, and so on… Ohh god, and we have our old Siemens C35 packed too! When did we use it?
 LOL funny

3. Bags

There are those old shopping bags which we took home, because we always forget to take one. Of course when we arrive home we put them into a safe place to get them next time. But we never will.
 photography bag blue pink ordinary object minimalistic plastic dull plastic bag evans daniel evans plastic bags

4. Lables

Even more embarrassing objects in the drawer: labels of various goods, mainly clothes which we thought we are going to use one day, perhaps when the certain item needs to be replaced. Relax. We never will.
 funny bags university laundry instruction

5. Plastic boxes

boxes of ice-cream, bottles of coke, and wrappings of various things which we piled up in order to put food in them one day, or store something in them. Again, we never going to use them, and they will get old and smelly with the time.
 funny stupid household infomercial Tupperware

6. Old cinema tickets

Some kind of sentimental relationship occurs between people and tickets… Hey, the experience won’t be ruined by throwing these thingies away.
 chocolate ticket golden Wonka

7. Flight Tickets

Okay, maybe you do not travel that often and it is worth to make a scrapbook from your experiences – then there is an excuse for keeping the tickets. Otherwise, it is better to get rid of them.
 landscape perspective urban fly flight airplane

8. Postcards

There are a plenty of them, pinned on a board, put on the fridge by the magnet, etc. Someof them depicts only a bunch of flowers, or a cake, saying “Happy Birthday”, some of them are ugly and cheap from the holiday of a long-not-seen family member. Some of them might hold memories… But more often than not then can go to the bin…
 love lights london paris travel world new york cards it ROME Postcard postcards

9. Socks

Who does not believe that socks which do not have a pair will find the other one once? They years pass… And they could be allowed to pass away too.
 others socks

10. Samples

Creams, make-up utensils, tonics and lotions – everything which we can get for free in a mall or for the favorite magazine. “Ahh, they’ll be good for traveling” – we say, then rather do not pack them, as we do not want to risk that we have an allergy. So they stand in piles, waiting for the better days.
 photography Personal quality fcuk body lotion coco butter
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