• 10 Things to save time •

10 Things to save time

You are always in a hurry? Never find time to clean the dishes, to meet the friends, to make a cookie? This is your practical to-do-list

1. Go to bed earlier

This might sound crazy, but going to the bed early saves a lot of time to you. If you sleep more, you are more organized on the next day, besides, you can do a plenty of things in the morning, until the kids wake up, for example. Try not to lengthen your time by staying up till dawn, but put away some of your tasks and sleep. You can perform better next time.
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2. Have an alternative

Always have a plan B, when you have to do something. For example, take some offline work to the office in case the internet breaks down. It can be anything, like reading the reports, or writing some sample letters, or really just something which looks as if you’d work normally (like private stuff.)
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3. Plan ahead

Whatever you have to do, just plan great ahead. If you go to the city for shopping, it is a good time to post letters, to go to the bank in advance, to buy the presents for a birthday… If you take some time to plan your bigger or smaller trips before you hit the road, you’ll save a plenty of unnecessary trips.

4. Take control over the internet

Spend some time with noting how much you spend online in a day. Make a cut-down plan. You’ll realize that you get the same amount of fun out of it, but you’ll save the hours going away by unnecessary surfing.
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5. Group tasks

Group your regular tasks for finding time to do them. You can have groups like 2-minute tasks (dusting a small surface, or putting the shoes to their place), 5-minute task (like a quick washing up, or cleaning the sink), and 10-minute task (like getting things out of the washing machine, or organizing your desk a bit). Whenever you have some time to kill, you can choose to do some of them. via

6. Have a calendar

Get a calendar and use it regularly. Get a note even for the smallest things, like “getting presents for mum’s b’day” or “taking the dog for a big walk.” So if some tasks come, you can easily include them to your timetable.
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7. Avoid postponing

Try not postponing things – they’ll pile up!
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8. Ask for help, if you need

Keep in mind that you do not need to do thing on your own enough. Do not be afraid of asking for help if you cannot do something on your own, or it takes you too much time. You can give it back some day, just relax. via

9. Do not do, if you do not like it

There are things which you can give up without feeling guilty. If you feel that it takes too much time, then find a more effective workout. If you regularly fall asleep during your favorite series, just try to find another one. If you do not want to go out with you colleagues to drink, invite them for some alternative programs instead. It will go smooth. via

10. Mind your health

Do you feel tired, stressed out, anxious? Maybe it is not because of you have too little time, maybe it is in connection of your health. The lack of Magnesium or the shortage in vitamin B might make you feel like always being in a rat-race. Just go to your doctor to find the reason.
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