• Having A Weekend Alone? Don’t Panic •

Having A Weekend Alone? Don’t Panic

No matter you’re attached or single, you must have some time alone – even in weekends. In case you have nothing to work on, no date, no lunch gathering: don’t panic, don’t sleep all over, don’t grab a tissue box to wipe your tears. You can be more than that!
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10am – 12pm: Morning exercise and A Filling Brunch

Take a deep breath of the morning fresh air. Breath out the sorrow of frustration and confusion of being alone. No big deal. Exercise a bit – release the kind of hormone that makes you feel awesome. Then eat like you’ve never had such great meal before!
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12pm – 5pm: Movie Marathon with ice cream on hand

Start with the classics like “Star War” that everybody has watched except yourself.
 lord of the rings movie LOTR marathon

Afternoon alternative: Be a master in interior

Realized you’ve never changed your interior décor since day one? Time to do it – give a fresh home for yourself. Move the fittings (usually sofa and your messy desk) around, change the place of your dying plant, re-arrange the books, put some postcards/recent photos on the wall. Check for inspirations!
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Afternoon alternative 2: Learn a new thing

Wine tasting, wine and cheese pairing, technology, understand the social issues, keep an eye on politics, or anything. Goal is to make yourself smarter than yesterday!
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5pm onwards: Grocery shopping

Time to fill up your fridge and be a chef!
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Dinner time: chef’s show time

Process is all that matters. Good luck! (check delivery hotlines of some fast food chain for contingency)
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After dinner: listen to music that you’ve never heard before

Maybe from French singers, jazz music, cowboy music, whatever. Try Karen Ann, my recent favourite.
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10pm onwards: Read till you sleep

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And the best thing of this itinerary? You can brag about it, like an elegant noble.