• Lines You Should Avoid Using In A Confession Of Love •

Lines You Should Avoid Using In A Confession Of Love

I know you’ve been poisoned by all those romantic movies and you always fancy about the scenes like when Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock bumped into each other naked. But this is never gonna happen, sadly. First you’re not Ryan Reynolds, and second, you’re just not a Hollywood actor.

Number 5

”I fucking love you”

It may sound intense and passionate, and thoroughly express your young crazy love – but really, “fucking”? In my dictionary, “fucking” is only used when you literally act it out, or when you want to say “I fucking hate you douche!”
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Number 4

”I’m so much better when you’re around”

Awww that’s so sweet. Wait for a second – did you just copy that line from a random movie you recently watched?
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Number 3

”You’re really cute” – By Text

Oh thanks! This is the 57th time I received a text message like this. First, go for personality instead of appearance guys! And second, head up and confess in person. Be a real man!
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Number 2

”I figured how much I love you when you’re gone”

And that means if I never went out of town you would never know you loved me? And so, my “virtual me” in your imagination is something to fancy about during my absence, instead of the “me-me”?
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Number 1

”You’re the sexist creature I’ve ever seen”

Tell a 16-year-old girl this and she may immediately fall for you, but not a grown-up. Come on! Didn’t you just watch Victoria’s Secrets Show yesterday crying out “Oh god Candice is so freeing sexy I wish I could touch her even just for once!” Women (like me) are so sick of these exaggerating lies, like, really sick.
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So, What should we say?


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