• like i can't even handle how much i ship them ughhh I LOVE THEM BOTH SO MUCH •
1k mygifs arrow oliver queen i'm cry felicity smoak olicity oliver x felicity omg this has become a full on otp situation for me i spent the last two days (THE ENTIRE LAST TWO DAYS) reading fanfiction and downloading all their s1 episodes like i can't even handle how much i ship them ughhh I LOVE THEM BOTH SO MUCH more bonding more touching more oliver being protective more felicity being silly more subtle smiles more everything I NEED IT OK
pokemon Fanart i love them Squirtle Squad i can't handle them i love blastoise so much i have a thing for sad wartortles what's up w that oh my god i can't handle these blastdads
1k okay bye my angels i can't handle this I cry Captain Swan hook x emma cs graphic i hate them so much myedits** cs mafia mycs** cs crew i know this is a long post but i don't think you guys care they're making me cry ughhh i love them so muchhhhhhhh
star wars Obi-Wan Kenobi Qui-Gon Jinn Anakin Skywalker sw YukiPri art Obikin star wars prequels I don't care if it's platonic or romantic quiobi QuiObikin This started out as a simple 'Obi-Wan needs hugs especially from Qui and Ani' and ended in 'What have I done.' despite that i am actually surprisingly satisfied with how this came out I SHIP THE THREE OF THEM TOGETHER OKAY QUI > OBI < ANI i know there's not much of them all together but HE DESERVES BOTH OKAY I love both ships i will not choose one Obi deserves to have both of them at his side for the rest of his eternal afterlife They both gave him so much shit yes Qui you too are not innocent but gods he loves them so much and everything he did was for them and they loved him just as much in return but never showed it or acted on it enough while alive come on happy dead gay ghosties after the initial sobfest of course (also giggling because after i drew it i realized in the first pic it looks like bb Ani is sneakily and innocently cockblocking Qui u go lil child)
my graphics hannibal hannibal lecter mads mikkelsen details details hannibaledit lectermeme i don't have that much time these days ughhh sorry i'm behind on requests i'll get to them soon enough hopefully i can't tell you how much i like this scene i don't even know why omg and oh no only one more scene left in the meme i can't choose just one ;A; for this scene though i always wonder how he's playing the fucking harpsichord after getting his wrists sliced open just an episode ago
mine kill me mass effect femshep The feels i can't handle them
daesung t.o.p g-dragon jiyong choi seunghyun cries bigbang d-lite mine: gif mine: my edit mine: bigbang they're so cuteeeeee i love seeing them joking around like this ;_; TOO MUCH FEELS FOR BIGBANG MY BABIES MY KINGS THEY'RE SO ADORABLE WHEN THEY'RE JUST CAREFREE so sosossoso precious i can't handle this THE REALIZATION OF MISSING BIGBANG PART 483923794 BECAUSE SOBS can we have more backstage or whatever content that show more of them pls.... i miss proper bts REMINDER THAT LAST PROPER BTS IS BIGSHOW 2011 i want to see my babies being dorks and joking with each other and just laughs ;_; IS THIS SO HARD IS THIS A /TOO BIG DON'T EVEN TRY/ WISH sobsosboaf;khl asd;k  imiss bigbang
ian somerhalder !* tvd cast i love you so much!!! i can't handle you
joe jonas kevin jonas Nick Jonas jonas brothers omggg okay anyway I miss them so much danielle jonas ughhh buuu what I do?? jonas photoset jonas photoshoot im very sad about this and how look stupid tumblr and the changes LOOK AT THIS??? i wanted 2011 tho like 2014
my graphics NCIS tiva Tony x Ziva mine: ncis no really but can we talk about how this is the most painfully rewarding arc in the history of this ship? as an audience you see it from both sides so you simultaneously want to hug them and then knock their heads together he literally risked his career for her and she can't understand it because up until now she has never had somebody like that in her life she hasn't yet realised that this is the man in whom she places all of her trust. can we look at that third gif for a second? there has physically never been that distance between them. even when other characters are in the middle they'll usually gravitate inwards in that scene they're pushing away from each other like the space physically hurts me i can't talk about it anymore because it feels so unnatural they are in so much pain and they can't fix it and it hurts but it hurts SOOOO good because you know when that catharsis comes... they will be stronger they will be unbreakable
but how are these even the same people
i just  
1k my stuff oitnb do they have a ship name? Orange is the new Black danielle brooks tasha jefferson mine: oitnb Poussey Washington samira wiley pousstay? weee i love them both so much
* xx i love them so much I ship them so much my babes oitnb Orange is the new Black oitnbedit taystee Poussey oitnbgif
* teen titans starfire Cyborg troq Cystar teentitansedit i loooooove them so much i love how they constantly support each other on these kind of issues because both of them are ostracized because of how they look and there's this layer of understanding and support between them i also love how starfire doesn't want to bother robin because she doesn't think her feelings are as important as the mission and cyborg reaffirms that this issue isn't going to be postponed because she. is. important. and the small smile at the end!!! like starfire realizing that something she had previously been suffering in silence with concerns her friends too and they are just loving and compassionate and understanding this was such a nice sensitive way to handle racism i like how the focus is not on changing Val-Yor's feelings but recognizing that he is Not. Important. and to surround yourself with people who love and support you instead
* i love you so so much tatiana maslany ob cast AND IT KILLS ME obcast SDCC14 god i cannot handle how well she knows her characters how well she knows their motivations and their weaknesses and every little thing about them she brings so much to every character she plays because of how well she internalizes them
pokemon my gifs My art why pokemon gifs pokemon art pokegraphic pkmnart I don't even understand why people like these so much I can't stop making them either
* otp pointlessblog alfie deyes zoella zoe sugg zalfie but i love them so much i feel like all i do is gif them
mine Teen Wolf stiles stilinski lydia martin i don't ship them but i love their friendship so much
pretty sure my sexuality is soft chocolate chip cookies