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  • Book 1:But Harry, James saved Snape's life.
  • Movie:NO. Pfft. Minor details. Clearly the ear wax joke is more important.
  • Book 3:Harry your father turned into an illegal animagus to help Professor Lupin out.
  • Movie:Yeah, here's a stag. Imagine it's your father Harry.
  • Book 4:Harry, I am the Dark Lord and even I acknowledge that your dad was brave as fuck.
  • Movies:What are you talking about?
  • Book 5:Look, he is insecure and smitten. And oh, that was a TERRIBLE thing to do James. Yeah, sure you hate what Snape called Lily later. And sure Snape retailated or whatever. But that wasn't cool James, that was stupid and unnecessary.
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Hard Out Here
Lily Allen  Hard Out Here - Single
I just wanna make you moan tbh
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Fuck the sad out of me
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Rest in peace, Lily and James Potter.
31 years have passed today since Lily and James died protecting their son. Lets all take some time to remember them and their sacrifice. We salute you.
Imagine all the embarrassing stories that Lily would have told Harry about Sirius though. Like Sirius would always be taking Harry to cool places and buying him shit because he’s the ‘cool uncle’ (and very proud of that title thank you very much) then Harry would just be like ‘mum said that one time...
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I think the worst thing the Harry Potter movies did was make it Snape who found James and Lily’s bodies instead of Sirius.
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