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Luna inhaling raspberries. 
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depression mental health *Sobbing* siiiiiiigh it's so cute and sad I am a dork there is irony in this making me sad I know the lipstick kills me 'here I got your makeup let me help *blink* why aren't you happy'
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makeup thank you so much cassi0pei4 everyone go check out this site! it's a little bit pricey but at least it's a great reference point
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I love having a blog because it holds the therapeutic value of keeping a diary but instead it’s like shouting into the void TODAY I WAS SAD AND BOUGHT LIPSTICK and sometimes someone else in the vast blackness will hear you and shout back I AM SORRY YOU ARE SAD and sometimes they will gently repeat i...
You were red,and you liked me because I was coral blue number 2 semi gloss lipstick
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If you’re sad, add more lipstick and attack.
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