• list meme •
  • 1:How do you like your coffee/tea?
  • 2:Who are some of your favorite youtubers?
  • 3:Do you always say please and thank you?
  • 4:What is your preferred form of creative expression?
  • 5:What is your honest opinion of the asker?
  • 6:What was the most profound thing that someone has ever said to you?
  • 7:What’s your favorite thing about your favorite season?
  • 8:Do you like to watch reality television shows?
  • ...
"Now that they’re asleep we can have some quiet time." "The baby won’t stop crying." "No no, I’m pretty sure his/her first word was dad." "Are you kidding me? There first word was mum." "I didn’t spend 9 hours in labour for you to get out of making dinner just because you hav...
"He loves me, he loves me not… oh." "She loves me, she loves me not… oh." "I don’t think it’s love…" "So, is there anyone you’re secretly crushing on?" "I don’t even like chocolate." "Yeah, nothing says ‘I love you’ more than a bouquet that’...
Send my muse "Gimme gimme gimme!"
And I’ll randomly generate a number from 1-45 to see what my muse gives yours from the list below. All simple or fluff! A bouquet of flowers A box of chocolates A baby A hamper of treats Some “get well soon” soup A list of chores Balloons Tickets to a screening of their favourite ...
I’ll randomly generate a number from 1-31 to see how your muse interrupts mine! Mixture of safe & nsfw. Your muse distracts mine from getting dressed Your muse walks in on mine talking a home pregnancy test Your muse distracts mine from cleaning the house Your muse walks in on mine eating ice...
|REACTION MEME| NSFW Valentines Version
"I know a game we can play with all this chocolate." "I’m going to lay you down on a bed of roses and…" "I can put it on using just my mouth." "I can take it off using just my teeth." "You’re such a tease!" "I’ll give you a pearl necklace later." "It’s valentines, we ca...
[text] I might be pregnant [text] Are you pregnant? [text] I’ll be home earlier than expected! [text] I won’t be home today, don’t wait up [text] How would you feel about moving in? [text] I have a surprise for you! [text] I’ve got the popcorn, chosen the film- all you hav...
I’ll randomly generate a number from 1-30 to see how our muses spend their weekend- all fluff. Doing nothing Vist a zoo Go to the cinema Make cakes Prank call everyone Window shopping Playing games Making their own face scrubs Camping in the wilderness Hitch hiking At a pet shelter Making cost...
Bold what applies to you!
Basics I am maleI am femaleI am neither male or femaleI am a under the age of 18I am 18 or olderI am straightI am gay or lesbianI am bisexual or pansexualI am trans Friendship I have two or more friendsI have one friendI have no friendsI have/had a best friendI am close with my friend(s)I spend a lo...
Muse swap M!A list!
Calling in sick - the muse is sick, and another character/muse must fill in for them. Old times - muse is replaced for by a young version of one of their parents. Man the canons- if the muse is an OC, they’re replaced by a canon character. If they’re canon, they’re replaced by an OC. Grave encounter...
  • "You are absolutely stunning."
  • "Amazing. Just amazing."
  • "I've never heard anyone sing as pretty as you."
  • "You are just... just wow."
  • "You handled that quite nicely."
  • "I never knew you could do that."
  • "You're quite talented with that, aren't you?"
  • "That outfit looks gorgeous on you."
  • ...
  • "Hey there, Rudolph."
  • "I'm pretty sure tissues exist so you won't sneeze on me."
  • "Ugh! Cover your mouth!"
  • "You sound awful, you know that?"
  • "And you've been like this how long?"
  • "You really can't take care of yourself, can you?"
  • "Oh, gross! I better not get sick!"
  • "What are you doing here? You should be in bed."
  • ...
  • "Whoa, whoa, whoa! Slow down! You don't want to get even more hurt, do you?"
  • "Tell me where it hurts."
  • "Whoa, that's purple... It looks like your shoulder is dislocated."
  • "Oh my god. Are you okay?"
  • "You're bleeding... You're bleeding bad..."
  • "This is gonna hurt..."
  • "Holy crap! I may not know much about human anatomy, but legs don't bend that way!"
  • "It's all swollen up..."
  • ...
An anon requested an "unconventional" set of tags for the tag game going around (where people reblog and write in the words and click whatever tag shows up first). So here’s some ones that I don’t think I’ve seen around before! chocolate kill done try stop why
  • "Ouch! That was my foot!"
  • "Could you get out of my way?"
  • "Stop it!"
  • "You look lonely. Want to talk to me?"
  • "Your nose is red."
  • "Aw, you're so cute! You know that?"
  • "Eww, gross!"
  • "If you touch me again, you're dead."
  • ...
SUPER TEXT LIST! (Texts From Last Night Inspired)
[text] Are you lost? [text] NO! That was a typo [text] Did you buy it? [text] I think I’m a mermaid [text] I know it’s 3am, but come over and cook for me.  [text] Too lazy to booty call, so have this text instead [text] Need to bury a body, it’s urgent. [text] Are you sure there...
Is your character on the Naughty or Nice list?
find out [here] and post a screenshot of your results!
master kink list
           bold for a favourite kink, italics for a regular kink, and crossed out for kinks disliked           feel free to add to with your own biting, dirty talking, hotdogging, scratching, sex toys, smoking, voyeurism, danger, anal sex, anal training, rimming, breeding, double penetration, dub-co...
Headcanon Asks!
? for a bedroom headcanon ? for a tattoo headcanon (One they have or one they want) ? for a childhood headcanon ? for a song that fits them ? for a best friend headcanon ? for a sleeping headcanon  ? for if they are a night or day person ? for a drunken headcanon ? for a pet headcanon ? for their f...