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To Apple, Love Andrea
Please fix this restarting thing I’m dying
friend: heyme, lying on the floor surrounded by star wars merch, waving a plastic lightsaber around in the air while the star wars theme song plays from my speakers at full blast: what
photography random quote Wall grafitti listen oldschool Bucharest Listen to the oldschool
transit long lost friends Listen And Forgive listen & forgive
Black and White depressed sad never depressing listen NEVER LISTEN TO ME
gif mine listen 5sos 5 seconds of summer Ashton Irwin michael clifford mashton larrytweets listen!!!!!!
I listen to music more than I listen to people
Don’t think or judge, just listen.
Listen up
You don’t have to like or reblog my art to show your support - I just ask that you print it out and eat it every once in a while. Thanks
beach listen
delete anyone in your life who doesn’t think dragons are cool you don’t need that kind of negativity around you
Put your iPod on shuffle and write 10 songs that pop up Lorde - Buzzcut Season TaKillya - Vinnie Maniscalco Mammoth vs. Midnight City - Dimitry Vegas Purity Ring - Lofticries The XX - Missing Cathedrals - Unbound Henry Green - Electric Feel Dillon - Hey Beau Shlohmo - Fuck you all the time Milky Ch...
music lisztomania phoenix listen
girl music listen
lets listen to kanye
** listen
my posts listen