• listening to or nah •
The Weeknd has the dirtiest lyrics and the softest voice.
The Weeknd abel tesfaye supremecudder or nah or nah remix or nah weeknd remix
Is the thirst mutual or nah?
Me: *hears any love song*Me: okay which otp fits this i’ma construct a whole montage in my head and cry about it
If a woman offered to give you head in front of her husband who’s in a coma would you take it?
Drake wiz khalifa best The Weeknd abel tesfaye ornah or nah or nah remix
1k One Direction Niall Horan my gifs MY EDIT Niall nialler myposts hehe Horan this was supposed to be for my ff but then i was like hell nah gonna post it like this or rather wendy was like hell nah you should post it like this
LETS PLAY THE 'YES' OR 'NO' GAME: Ask me questions and I'm only allowed to answer with 'Yes' or 'No'...
gifs pinkmanjesse fresh off the boat there is a tag for fotb edits or nah? anyways going to bed now. good night yall <3
Guys think that a girl being a freak means they gotta be down to fuck whenever or whoever. Nah, frea...
love nah keinwille
Or Nah (Stwo Edit)
The Weeknd 
Or Nah (Stwo Edit) - The Weeknd
can justin taki my virginity 
u mad or nah
u mad or nah
ummm haha ,
can we talk about how as soon as harry realizes niall wants a hug he moves at the speed of sound to grab onto him and bury his face in his neck ,
1k * Teen Wolf stydia tw* martinski otp: two sides of the same coin twedit stydiaedit or: lydia listening to stiles and then repeating him
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