• lmao •
gif LOL Cool hot movie dope wtf friends lmao fresh college school johnny depp celebrity castle edward scissorhands movie gif VAMPIRE DEATH CREW THE VAMPIRE GOD killthendestroy bruh yeet celebritties
Liebe Männer, euer Penis ist nicht Pinocchios Nase, er wird nicht größer je öfter ihr über dessen Größe lügt. MfG. Realität
random lmao my fav part reply 1994 chilbong idek who is she
LOL exo these two love birds Kyungsoo d.o chanyeol chansoo chando i cant... playing with suspenders. LMAO
mine exo Kai exo k jongin chanyeol 1klmao mygif:ygkk jus give him what he wants asdfghj lolollll
crushes are terrible
LOL animals funny animals animal pictures funny pictures derpy adorable animals lol pictures funny animal pictures derpy animals
me mine nature Brand New Band fox my photography foxes band merch my photo yo vertical brand new band forests merh band blog AYY LMAO Brand New merch
almost 2014 and i still look like a piece of shit
mine puella magi madoka magica oh well Kyoko Sakura Madoka Magica this gif is lq as fuck lmao
1k ~ q lok makorra lokedit avatarsecretsanta makorraedit korraverse you said you wanted makorra and you said you love angst/fluff so here's both :) hope you like it <3 i had this post queued for like noon but i just published it now lmao otp: i'll always love you
Vine by: Cody Reetz
me photography mine edits MY EDIT bands merch band merch my photo citizen AYY LMAO citizen merch zitizen merch citizen band merch
1k lmao bap b.a.p jongup gif05 the last one is not a jpg lmao
my gif MY EDIT lmao 500 block B zico P.O kyung b bomb blockbgif old stuff ^o^ Don't Do That!
LOL look at tiny knees lmao i need a fucking binocular for those
lmao mypost hella $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ reblog this i didnt know how to caption it im disgusted tbh
*** ot5 shinee s* i can't keep up if those awards are wrong i'm blaming wikipedia LMAO if there's something wrong with this then please kindly message me off anon!
louis tomlinson lmao idek light of my life *RE 22isold happy birthday little minx im sweating over here
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