• loki •
tom hiddleston Chris Hemsworth Thor loki avengers another gifgifgif i made this because mangocianamarch reblogged one of my others and said it hope you don't mind me implementing it mangocianamarch
tony stark The Avengers Steve Rogers loki yup gif.
gif robert downey jr. tom hiddleston The Avengers Chris Evans Chris Hemsworth Jeremy Renner scarlett johansson mark ruffalo Sebastian Stan mine 6 god this is really shitty I apologize lmao THINGS THAT LOOK BETTER IN MY HEAD W/E
tom hiddleston The Avengers loki avengers mine:2 AVENGERS ASSEMBLE I couldn't help myself so I made a gifset of his face somebody stahp me before I make even shittier looking gifs
*** tom hiddleston Thor (2011) loki I can hear the sound of his heart broken bb I love u please do not cry
Thor loki these eyebrows
Justin Timberlake  Futuresex/Lovesounds
My dad has nicknames for all of The Avengers characters:
The L’Oreal brothers Male Katniss The green special snowflake who’s always pissed off Captain ”my skintight suit will make you feel uncomfortable” Billionaire Playboy Philanthropist The chick who got added in to make everything look less gay Robin HE SHOULDN’T HAVE DIED...
harry potter loki spoiler alert what is my brain loki'd SNAPE KILLS DUMBLEDORE
mine graphics iron man tony stark Captain America Steve Rogers Thor loki avengers Clint Barton Hawkeye hulk bruce banner legolas phil coulson point break capsicle agent rock of ages enormous green rage monster
The Avengers Thor the incredibles loki no capes
disney lion king mufasa Scar Thor loki avengers tlk
iron man The Avengers Thor loki Hawkeye Nick Fury black widow hulk so many tags my brain sometimes
myedit mygif tom hiddleston Thor loki Loki Laufeyson for you claire
my gif doctor who sherlock martin freeman supernatural David Tennant sherlock holmes Benedict Cumberbatch john watson dean winchester Jensen Ackles crossover loki avengers GOD BE MERCIFUL TO MY SOUL I DON'T KNOW WHAT I'M DOING Doc knows Loki from his trip to Asgard ok just so we are clear here ok superavengewholock
Thor loki avengers miguel El Dorado Tulio look alike similar Road to El Dorado
tom hiddleston The Avengers scarlett johansson mark ruffalo
gif my gifs easy a The Avengers Thor loki avengers oops Odin Thor (movie) Frigg I think I just failed the internet
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