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A purpose in life
50% of my problems are caused by not knowing where I stand with people. I need people to be blunt and literal and just up front with me. If you don’t like me, if I did something to offend you, if you’re mad at me, if there’s something annoying that I continue to do. I need you to s...
** supernatural dean winchester sam winchester the french mistake mine:spn spnedit this coloring is a lil better WE NEED TO GET ALL THREE OF THAT CRAP
does anyone else think about how fandoms are like cities?you got your big, bustling ones that are really diverse and busy, maybe a little hard to navigate and full of crime, good areas and bad areas. the locals know the hot spots and how to get aroundthen the mid-range towns with big city attitudes ...
i don’t understand what fans think will happen when they swarm a hotel and scream and throw shit like one of the boys will be like “hey this aggressive hysteria is so cute you and i should make out” 
vine like shit yall see how smooth i can make the gifs now? lol
nope just Blake Shelton I'm done this is just HES A BABE I'm sorry for the crap quality the video is crap as well i have an actual gif set planned but this was too good to not share
pokemon other Jirachi 2014 YAAAAH I CAN'T PIXEL WORTH CRAP TBH fun lil exercise to play with pixeling as well as animation since i find animating rather relaxing? never animated stars tho the blinks are a lil fast for my liking but tumblr only allows the file sizes to be so big- yayaya been wanting to animate lately sighss
turn off / not my thing / haven’t thought of it before / cool / hot damn / TURN OOOOOOON / TAKE ME NOW
1k Teen Wolf stiles stilinski twme a nice lil teatime treat his arms i'm so mad
1k robsten idk idk about this p l e a s e that's all hysteria* crap edit be crap btw I NEED a ROBSTEN NEW SHOOT babies do it?! lol and this HAD2BU thing ;______;
LOL bedroom Jeremy Renner nap Captain Narcolepsy renner-ism gifs interviews monsieur hollywood is hilarious sorry the colouring is crap don't know what i'm doing anymore video quality is also crappy i need this in HD! ok just thought i'd add that tongue action there for no particular reason or just cos i had a shit day and need this
1k sb1dgif crap ed sheeran i'm having a psd crisis ok sorry
getting real sick and tired of people acting like making johnlock canon would be such a major deviation from the acd canon when the sherlock writers have already: • made irene adler a lesbian dominatrix in love with sherlock • made mary morstan a secret assassin • made mary morstan shoot sherlock (a...
my gif bae *1k jimin Bangtan i'm about to go take a shower so i just hurriedly made some crap gifs i'm sorry but then again all my gifs are crap lately so but he's absolutely adorable falls flat on my face his smile is the best thing in the whole world :_( sighs cutest
lord of the rings aragorn my stuff lotredit oh well... tolkienedit this looks crap lmaoo i was trying a new coloring and i've failed...lol u____u
edit free! matsuoka rin haruka nanase harurin RinHaru crap that received appreciation LOOOOOOL this looks like a typical korean drama poster LOL so cheesy i cant even
gif LOL swag funny mine YouTube comedy cooking based lil b based god ccnlgif Pitchfork LIL B GIF