• lol ok that is all i tag too much apparently •
myedits percy jackson l o l annabeth chase percy jackson and the olympians Grover Underwood the sea of monsters TYSON creys this is so horrible omg gsblkgsdfgs well ok i am in a percy jackson mood today wee~~~~~ i hope it gets notes HA HA HA idk man i was bored lol ok that is all i tag too much apparently
me LOL art funny about me cartoon comedy comic cake Sketch ok doodle WAIT relatable paint tool sai okokok see that honestly these are just my thoughts but im an attention whore so i tag all my shit as much as possible lmaooo im done i think i get every tag i can
gif jyj jaejoong instagram too much? more like thirty days of ruining my life idr if i have a jae-specific insta tag very possibly i can't even tell if this is all ok rn i think my brain broke
1k mine katniss everdeen hunger games Mockingjay mine:THG thgedit idk what else to tag it this is my new style that i like very much ok
1k+ dragon age ????? LIKE WHY pls stop queen anora anora mac tir anora anora theirin nate doobles why do people even tag their hate it's so annoying lol like all it ever is is ppl getting so wet over alistair that they attack anora she literally deserves none of ur petty shit like idgaf how much or if you do like alistair pls by all means take him w u and leave my queen be 100% ok w that she has enough on her plate :[
have you even been in a group of friends but you’re not actually in that group of friends and you’re just there seriously if I just vanished I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t make a difference at all
gif OTL bap b.a.p yongguk CREYING bang yongguk come onnnn last gif of the night opparsd1ck BISH CALM YO TITS lol I forgot to tag you in da other one bc stoopid now sit and enjoy gukkie's bear notes or morning jfc it's 4am already didn't even get to watch show champ cause streamers apparently thought there wasn't a new episode today BUT OMFG IT AIRED AN HOUR EARLIER and it was B.A.P's comeback stage on show champ too ok night guiz
gifs anime edits Death Note L Lawliet Ryuzaki Shinigami love apples I have a brown color fetish ok? and yea I want to make up for all the Light edits I've been doing for the past months so yea this took out faster than I expected and I know that one gif is a bit overused but I'll use it anyway hope someone notices that England thing without reading this tag or was it too subtle? I hope no one complains too much about the grain it's a motif huhuhu but I accept any feedback regardless
1k ~ danisnotonfire THIS IS TOO MCUH why life why can i breath? no apparently no thanks dan thank you very much and hes wearing white
doctor who karen gillan matt smith mine David Tennant too lazy to tag everyone tbh dwedit m: doctor who m: edits ahahahah i spent like 6 hours on this wth
stuff strawhats Thriller Bark Gecko Moria opgraphics op30 mysterious four im too lazy to tag everyone xD so some of these turned out a lot better than others xD (dont look at the tiles on the chopper one xD) anyways i was deciding between this and Water 7 cus that arc with Robin leaving Franky's backstory and the whole Usopp/Luffy argument over Merry was really really good I just wanna write so much more lol but this post is already clustered as it is xD
:/ I hate it when you look at me like that ok I'm reuploading this since this week is apparently tony appreciation week
my edits Teen Wolf true otp Sterek stupid tumblr zainclaw mydearsourwolf eternalsterek sterekedit stilinskisparkles constileslations twxmas omg i'm sad i can't tag more people and thank you so much amy for letting me use your words :)) they're beautiful and touching and omg this took me so freaking long to finish i hate gifing lol ok hate is a strong word but damn it takes too long and this gave me a lot of feels because there were times where i had so many scenes that i could pick this is such an easy shipping tbh and the more i do stuff with sterek the more i ship them it's just beautiful btw it's fine if you don't agree with me but to me sterek is the best thing
My art Koe no Katachi the shape of voice Ishida Shouya yuzuru nishimiya ishida is a SAINT ok A SAINT his transformation is nothing short of beautiful from a seriously disturbed bully to an ACTUAL ANGEL he cares about those nishimiya girls so much and it makes me wanna cryyyyyyy everyone in this FREAKING manga suffers so much a group hug is needed
mine klaine glee Darren Criss chris colfer there was too much stuff blocking them and lol tv line ok it all needed to go
I really do like my girl Jennifer Lawrence, but it’s super weird to me that so much of tumblr holds her up as the personification of this site and then boo hisses Kristen Stewart who has just a good a claim on that title. They’re both about the same amount of awkward, they’ve both ...
[sweats nervously about sherlock as antiques roadshow plays in the background]
myedit free! haruka nanase thefreeweek do i tag the others or nah...nah this is basically my excuse to abuse my love of hands... these are my kinda favourite moments in Haru's mind in the water ok also I'm trying the new sizes cos yeah apparently they work now lol