• lol sorry but i'm not •
i needed it all in one place sorry feel free to read if you’re interested in death this is like a shot of straight agony and delight at once first we have puppy payne with his true fam look at these nuggets they’re totally communicating /simba/ honestly this is the most active those...
The Finchel fandom saying that Ryan is spoiling the Klaine fandom because of Come What May is like Dudley saying Harry was spoiled because he got to move from the cupboard under the stairs to a real fucking bedroom.
mygif 1000 Eric ukiss kevin Kevin Woo mygif3 asc eric nam after school club i had the urge to make gifs LOL i should be studying if someone else already made this.. i'm sorry ;u; i'm also sorry cause i tried to make this funny but i'm not funny but please enjoy my attempt lol
can this just be a weekly thing because i need an excuse to post all of these pictures and i have quite a few and i can’t just leave them to sit on my computer forever never seeing the light of tumblr and it’s not like anyone will appreciate these anywhere else also can i j...
gif by me exo Kai i'm sorry but i'm not sorry baekhyun suho chanyeol
Dear Mommy and Daddy, I'm sorry i turned out to be such a big disappointment, i'm sorry i fail at ev...
Look at all the fucks I give, people. Just look at them.
*cough* The difference between Peeta and Gale.
eleanor calder i'd say sorry for all of the eleanor but i'm not sorry
doctor who gifs* dw* dwedit sorry but i'm really not sorry
1k mine danisnotonfire 3k dan howell Daniel Howell danedit i'd say i'm sorry but i'm not
onew shinee lala gif ??? gif:onew okay i'm sorry but i'm kind of not shinee macro kinda....
a no is a no
  • Someone:Raising a family is hard
  • Necromancer:Not if they're buried close enough to each other
  • Someone:What?
  • Necromancer:What?
LOL funny gifs bbc sherlock TV sherlock holmes my stuff Benedict Cumberbatch bbc sherlock i'm sorry for this but not really these look so crappy but I had to get it out of my system -sobsob.
LOL gifs super junior sjm donghae eunhyuk kyuhyun ryeowook I'M NOT SORRY breakdown Super junior m kyu- I'm sorry
i am not sorry for this