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Seriously, if you don’t unfollow me during the next few hours of the opening.. I will owe you my soul forever
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Dear Benedict:
Congratulations, you big-brained, gold-hearted utter dork. Look at you. You opened the Olympics. And you were fucking majestic. The BBC chose you as the man who represents the finest London has to offer.  The entire world has their eyes fixed on London, and the first person they see (and hear) is YO...
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  • Tumblr:Where the fuck was the Doctor
  • Facebook:Where the fuck was Adele
  • The Queen:Where the fuck am I
olympics london 2012
  • China:Precision, elegance, and class is what our closing ceremony shall be about.
RIP best Olympics of my life
no seriously I don’t know how to function now my entire life for the past two weeks has revolved around the Olympics I’m going to get withdrawl symptoms is there a support group I can attend
olympics london 2012