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MY EDIT the walking dead maggie greene Glenn Rhee twdedit i'm trash i don't even care but t-dog's voice let's*try some positivity for a change damn* here's the thing i was always all: look at glenn what a babu i want to adopt this babu and call him my squishy and as seasons go by and season 5 happened i was like WHAT A  STUD (well this is partially what this arc is about from a   boy to a MAN WITH GIANT M the choice of songs in season 1 WAS SO ON POINT with I'M A MAN :-DDDD) yep because i'm so terribly attracted this is one of the ways i'm gonna handle this revelation LOOK AT THIS GRIN LOOK AT THE WAY HE'S   ADVENTUROUS AND FLIRTY AND TEASING WITH SEX he's so out there and open and just GETTING IT AND HAVE YOU EVER DONE IT ON A HAYLOFT?? I MEAN SIGN ME THE HELL UP but   also remember that post how to seduce me in 5 words NAILED IT WE STILL HAVE 11 CONDOMS look at him go and like he just appears on the farm and MAGGIE'S SO INTANTLY INTO THAT BECAUSE HELP there's   that smile and compassion and being the core of this group and then there's I'M A LONER I NORMALLY DO THIS SOLO and then he's competent  badass and smartest inside guy   (in that well SAYS YOU BYE) like jesus i didn't even need all that seasons development IT WAS ALREADY THERE THIS ATTRACTIVENESS NOT BECAUSE HE STOPS WEARING SNEAKERS   OR A CAP OR HANDLES GUN LIKE IT'S NO LONGER SOMETHING ITCHING HIS HAND NEVER ENTIRELY FITTING IS COVERED IN BRUISES MARKINGS OF HIS FIERCENESS AND ENDURANCE it was   already there in a way he's a people person a charmer a tease but also WITTIEST SMARTEST SNEAKIEST BRAVEST and in this THE MOST BEAUTIFUL AND ATTRACTIVE BABE OUT THERE also we didn't get this for so long this   college flirtiness and YOU COMING?? 8giggles* where's glenn and maggie ON GUARD TOWER WHAT? THEY'VE BEEN THERE FOR LAST 5 NIGHTS eh just hearteyes suddenly IT'S SO IMPORTANT TO GET THIS SILLINESS BACK
@ myself: stop fucking curving everyone that's why u a loner
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VHS loner
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