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I just get really emotional When I think about  How Dave and Karkat used to be and How much they have in common and Their ridiculous relationship development The black flirting The red flirting Becoming the ultimate bromance Thank u davekat Thank u
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There’s no room to walk… … the room is to small, just no space all around…. …stupid small bar, no place to sit… … the bunk bed’s to small…. ….so is the bed and the couch and the table…. … no room at the airport… …no space in airplane hall…. …no room left to sit… …. and n...
A post dedicated to relationships and friendships Tadashi’s formed with other teammates than Tsukishima, because while his and Tsukki’s relationship is important, it’s also very important that people see how many good friends this child has managed to make.  Part I - First years (b...
i see a lot of people dissing AT’s storytelling style but let me go out of my way to tell you why i love it to bitssure, it starts out as some “random kids show lol” and all that. finn and jake going on cute adventures and fighting bad guys.but as you go on you realize there’s so much moreand you fa...
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Ha Ha Ha, oh my hg, pleas look at ragdoll cats, they are soo fluffly and beautiful look at HOW Big and fluffy they get please look at this lovely cat cool fur!cool fur markings look at the kittens. Look a t them look at  SMALL BALL OF FLUFF..  also look at how they sleep. W
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Sometimes I wonder if Nepeta used to have long hair idk
"i want a cartoon created by a woman!"  "I want a story with a sizable cast of great women!" "I want a show with fat representation!" "i want a story with POC representation!" "i want a show-"
support asexuals >sex repulsed asexuals >aromantic asexuals >asexuals who are not intimate people in general >asexuals who wear lots of layers that cover their bodies >asexuals with sex drives >asexuals who masturbate >asexuals who are “broken” >asexuals who make ...
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seeing someone talking shit about your friends Bro I don’t even care if they’re not upset because how dare you
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