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"i want a cartoon created by a woman!"  "I want a story with a sizable cast of great women!" "I want a show with fat representation!" "i want a story with POC representation!" "i want a show-"
Ha Ha Ha, oh my hg, pleas look at ragdoll cats, they are soo fluffly and beautiful look at HOW Big and fluffy they get please look at this lovely cat cool fur!cool fur markings look at the kittens. Look a t them look at  SMALL BALL OF FLUFF..  also look at how they sleep. W
Sometimes I wonder if Nepeta used to have long hair idk
support asexuals >sex repulsed asexuals >aromantic asexuals >asexuals who are not intimate people in general >asexuals who wear lots of layers that cover their bodies >asexuals with sex drives >asexuals who masturbate >asexuals who are “broken” >asexuals who make ...
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EDIT: blocked blogs cannot send you anon messages (although they can still log out to do it, but i dont think thats something tumblr can do much about.) blocking a blog gives this message to you:(with your url being the one in the text description, im using an rp blog to do this)your blocked page...
there has been a pretty far-reaching trend on this website to blog about the effects of mental illness and trauma on emotional regulation and an aggressive campaign to get people to not only understand but accept boundary-crossing behavior from people because it is a reflection of their mental illne...
dire-dire-docks: dire-dire-docks: dire-dire-docks: dire-dire-docks: dire-dire-docks: you want it
I prefer the simple things in life
could this fandom start investing a little more time making homestuck gifs like this again because 2011 was a great time for homestuck .gifsvintage trash goldmine…………..what a time to be alive……
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seeing someone talking shit about your friends Bro I don’t even care if they’re not upset because how dare you
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so I work at a library now and during training we were shown each section and how they’re organized bluh bluh normal stuff, until we got to the 680s and my boss sighed at this shelf nearly busting from the weight of a shit ton of yarn books. now you may be wondering “how much is a shit t...