• lord of the rings •
notes fuckery with sarah
land of propaganda banksys feed the hungry
LOL race interracial dating
tim burton Emma Watson megan fox ashton kutcher Bradley Cooper heath ledger jude law Lindsay Lohan johnny depp emma stone Justin Timberlake leonardo dicaprio Keira Knightley Christian Bale orlando bloom helena bonham carter Christina Aguilera Chris Hemsworth Hugh Jackman Julia Roberts scarlett johansson brad pitt angelina jolie eva green cameron diaz Matt Bomer movie links Daniel Rsdcliffe Movie Download Shanning Tatum
parks and recreation andy dwyer chris pratt Marvel Jurassic Park gotg guardians of the galaxy peter quill Star-Lord Jurassic World
american horror story Emma Roberts Madison do you love the color of the sky surprise bitch
p my fave is piss lord of shit mountain
ian mckellen crying patrick stewart the best bromance of all the bromance
* gpoy jonah hill The Wolf of Wall Street
my neighbourhood has never had an ice cream truck. in the su...
The Fourth of July is over!
You know what that means!!!It’s time to start prepping forHALLOWEEN
Dear People Who Defend 50 Shades with "It's just a book"
You havenoideahowinfluentialabookcanbetosocietyandageneration. So don’t use “It’s just a book” as an excuse for what it really is: the normalization and romanticizing of domestic abuse.  
a NSFW blog but instead of porn it’s just pictures of unsafe work practices 
police state police brutality Police Misconduct police racism police the police land of propaganda
my family usually eats bagged cereals (you know, the off brand kinds that taste like deceit) and today my mother came home with 15+ boxes of sugared name-brand cereal, dumped them into my arms, and said “i can’t eat lies anymore, caroline.” 
love couple cute forever i do wedding marriage Romantic Unique rings
The Perks Of Being A Wallflower the fucking notes
Democratic.Republican.Libertarian.Independent.Long ago, the parties lived together in harmony. Then, everything changed when the republicans attacked.Only the president, master of all the parties, could stop them. But when the country needed him most, his term ended.Four years passed and Obama and I...
cat racoon sink love the sink why this love of the sink
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