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No but I have seen so many hot photos on Tumblr, but this has got to be the sexiest fucking photo of Louis
At the age of 10, I took a pledge at my church alongside a group of other girls to remain a virgin until marriage. Yes, you read that right — I was 10 years old. The church ...
photoset gif 1k Demi Lovato stuff hahah baby my first gif after like 2 months dont judge me plz it feels like i lost my gif virginity again
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Dylan O'Brien is guest starring in New Girl!!!!
… a flashback episode slated to air in late April will feature the stories of how each of the New Girl gang lost their virginity. In that episode, O’Brien will play Jess’ (Zooey Deschanel) prom date, a gorgeous, romantic, guitar-playing 18-year-old who promises a memorable “...
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omfg because arrow oliver queen don't hate me for this arrowedit felicity smoak olicity Slade Wilson arrow spoilers otp: there was no choice to make arrow: season two arrow: season three this popped into my head and beg to be made and now I'm dying of feels ALL THE ANGST OLICITY FEELS AFTER MOIRA AND EVERYTHING THIS HAS TO BE OLIVER'S WORST NIGHTMARE HIS FELICITY GETTING HURT I NEED SEASON THREE OKAY??
I like that Stiles is a virgin. 
my edits MY BABIES arrow oliver queen end of story arrowedit felicity smoak olicity this is how you OTP otp: there was no choice to make olicitysquee arrow: season one arrow:season two My name is Oliver Queen. To save my city I can't be the killer I once wa-- DON'T YOU FUCK WITH FELICITY!! arrow parallels this is why I think the season two finale is JUST FLAWLESS and Olicity is endgame to fight the unthinkable you have to do the unthinkable
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my gifs arrow Black Canary YESSSSS arrowedit sara lance nyssa al ghul BISEXUAL CANON CHARACTERS YEESSSSS bisexual canon characters who nobody has a problem with their bisexuality and it isnt treated like a problem or they need to decide or they're promiscuous A+ to you Arrow writers
gifs mine 1000plus arrow oliver queen arrowedit felicity smoak olicity olicityedit arrow: s02e23 oh my god they killed me this episodes beautiful bbs <3 i wish i had time to vid them sjfksfs