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Note to all girls
You don’t HAVE to have a boyfriend before you reach your 20’s. I see a lot of girls saying they feel insecure because they’ve never had a boyfriend or are still a virgin. Don’t hate that about yourself, it just shows that you are capable of surviving tough teenage yourself, a...
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I like that Stiles is a virgin. 
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omfg because arrow oliver queen don't hate me for this arrowedit felicity smoak olicity Slade Wilson arrow spoilers otp: there was no choice to make arrow: season two arrow: season three this popped into my head and beg to be made and now I'm dying of feels ALL THE ANGST OLICITY FEELS AFTER MOIRA AND EVERYTHING THIS HAS TO BE OLIVER'S WORST NIGHTMARE HIS FELICITY GETTING HURT I NEED SEASON THREE OKAY??
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