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marie antoinette louis xvi historyreasonswhy i've wanted to do a post on these awkward idiots for ages and going to versailles finally pushed me to do it favorite historical marriage tbh and one of my biggest history otps in general (have i ever made a list of my history otps? CAUSE IF  NOT I SHOULD.)
louis tomlinson Harry Styles One Direction mine harry x louis lourrye this is to hold you over until I remember how to gif again they're so subtle
louis tomlinson 1k One Direction my edits 5k i cried making this louis photoset louis blue louis suits louis side flop model louis rugged louis jay wedding 20.7.14 louis sunglasses
no big deal just screaming about how liam went from being the boy who watched louis do stupid things to being the boy who does stupid things with him
louis tomlinson 1k One Direction my edits 1D louis lt louis tomlinson gif louis gif LT gif lt edit louis edit louis tomlinson edit louis in sweaters i didnt know if i should've put this out or not but i did!!! sOMEONE TALK TO ME ABOUT FICS oooooo i need more fics to read any new good fics ???????? i just want to talk to you all im in one of those ~moods~
louis tomlinson Harry Styles Larry Stylinson One Direction Bromance
a post literally just about niall horan’s bandmates knowing him better than he knows himself sometimes niall just isn’t sure luckily his bandmates are always there to help him out good, starting off strong and here’s where louis comes in nothing like a little possessive neck t...
MY EDIT Robert Sheehan the mortal instruments Jace Wayland jamie campbell bower simon lewis tmiedit i know this has been probably made thousand times (i don't have time to go through everything under tmi tag to check) but i need these two bickering put into one gifset (since jacexalec's banter has beed reduced to practically nonexistent at least they did these two the justice and eugh please be in everything and bicker all the time so remember when i was reading the books first time and these two were bickering on almost every page and i thought to myself wow what a giant surprise it would be if main heroine had this lanky neurotic babbling best friend and this heroine meets misterious guy all leather and gold hair and badass skills and there are gazes and banter and constant battle of wits and tension and OOOH PLOT TWIST it turns out that it's not about this guy having hots for the heroine BUT FOR HER BEST FRIEND? it's not that i'm invested in shipping these two but oh you know me i'm a sucker for male banter since forever (i'm that cheap and that easy oopsie) and all the possibilities of tunrning it into all pining romance is forever on my christmas and general list
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but can we talk about sex now
this is literally just a random collection of butt-grabbing, suggestive positions, and “whispering” (that doesn’t actually function as whispering bc harry and louis don’t seem to know what/where ears are) that will make you think of sex i want nothing more than to be a fly on...
1k * spoilers suits louis litt suitsedit Katrina Bennett *suits louis x katrina suits s4 i thought he was a lannister
1D louis 2012 cooking harry louis and harry whisk doesn't it Louis can't cook then but he can now though still not very much or often seeing as he's only ever cooked one proper meal But Harry's probably a great teacher ...a little wrist action that sounds kinda dirty
dangan ronpa makoto naegi kiyotaka ishimaru mondo oowada ishimondo fukizoku stuff by trees aktmile i had it in my mind to put that comic left to right. i drew it right to left anyway. fuckin crisis inference is burned into my mind i tried to @mention you but it just didn't. it just /didn't/.
[trailer on youtube]Allies in Heaven, Comrades in Hell by ro...
A Compilation of Louis Being Cute
otherwise known as ‘THE POST THAT WILL CAUSE YOU LOTS OF PAIN’. let’s start the list off with 1) Louis being a cute giggling pixie 2) Louis waving cutely at his loyal subjects 3) Louis making cute faces 4) Louis being dumb and cute in his own littl...
louis tomlinson Harry Styles Larry Stylinson Zayn Malik liam payne Niall Horan au meme larry au 1d au meme This is the last au in that universe ... i think
season 3 hannibal will graham raven!Will boardingtheark is back :)
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