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Let us appreciate Louis Tomlinson's beauty for a moment.
Because honestly he is so good looking that it’s difficult to fathom sometimes. I mean look at that face oh my god.  Anyways. Let’s start off with how beautiful and dainty and delicate his facial features are.  Look at those fucking cheekbones. Pretty sure those cheekbones could cut ...
The Progression Upward
It started with the scoop neck shirts of death: Then the t-shirts and jumpers: Then there are the button-ups: And finally…the turtleneck: What are you trying to hide, eh Louis? Those lovebites must be hard to cover up if you have to resort to wearing a turtleneck.
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louis tomlinson
According to Twitter, today is "National Ass Day". So, let's all take a few moments to appreciate Lo...
One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson is better than Abramovic
im laffin because (x) oh you mean this glamorous girlfriend… on the touchline?? meanwhile…
Louis Tomlinson’s Speech at Charity Football Match
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Louis Penis
As sassy as Louis may be, the main reason I believe he could never be a dick is this:
Like look at his face.
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Tomlinson's have good taste
Lottie’s boyfriend: Louis’ girlfriend: Louis’ boyfriend:
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