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poetry poem shel silverstein also i am SAD The giving tree exerpt Kind of a request My mom got it for me at a yard sale for a quarter I miss my ex This is a representation of how I feel BLAHHHHHH I have been cut down
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if you think rap lyrics are graphic today the poet catallus had everyone bested in the 1st century bc holy fuck:
Frida Kahlo to Marty McConnell by Marty McConnell leaving is not enough; you must stay gone. train your heart like a dog. change the locks even on the house he’s never visited. you lucky, lucky girl. you have an apartment just your size. a bathtub full of tea. a heart the size of Arizona, but not...
If the boy who draws let’s you look over his shoulder. If the poet smiles and shows you her words. If the girl who sings for the shower only, hums a song in front of you. Know that you’re no longer a person but the air and dust that fills their lungs. When the world perishes, and all things ceas...
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Day Z: a poem you wish you could have written
“Persephone Lied” The truth is, I was bored. My mother blissing ahead of me, rosebuds rising in her footsteps, And I skulking behind, thinking,Oh look. She walks in beauty. Again. Her power could boil rivers, if she chose.She doesn’t choose. She scattersHeliotrope behind her. And m...
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by Langston Hughes I am so tired of waiting,Aren’t you,For the world to become goodAnd beautiful and kind?Let us take a knifeAnd cut the world in two—And see what worms are eating At the rind. 
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poetry poem shel silverstein i can't even this made me cry years from now Shel I hope you hear my appreciation and love as well You were an amazing person and made a giant impact
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But poems are like dreams: in them you put what you don’t know you know.
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