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loving you is easy. loving you is muscle memory.
love photography couple girl quote quotes hipster women night writing boy man post hope poetry poem saying hipsters heartache poems kl handwritting writing post k.l handwritting post poetry post poem post sayins a tiny part of me will always love you I hope to meet someone someday who I can give my whole heart to again
Definition: love 1.) verb, falling in love: when the first time we met that night when the sun had already gone to sleep, you kissed me an...
There are too many of us accepting men who say: ‘I partially love you.’
I think ‘I miss you’ is the best thing you can say to someone. ‘I miss you’ is more than ‘I’m thinking a...
You’re going to be sad. You’re going to want to scream and punch things. Do it. Let out every ounce of anger you have. Sit on the floor and...
there are corners of me i am afraid your love will never reach.
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Stop setting yourself on fire for someone who stays to watch you burn.
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You were my world, Until you found another planet
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Honey, who said that the love of your life had to be a man or woman you haven’t even met yet? Maybe, you are destined to be the greatest lo...
Honey, do not let your beautiful mind become a battlefield. Just because someone has shown you their weapons does not mean you have to acce...
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