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Rose Lalonde mom lalonde Roxy Lalonde mother's day isabella bianchi kinda of not but sorta of aweeee this took kinda short to be done thats great! *thank you photoshop* idk guys i really love mother's day have a great day u and ur mothers ily'all
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  • mom:so the governor just said that all the roads have to be clear except emergency vehicles
  • me:well then I guess you could say we're...
  • mom:oh god
  • me:
  • mom:
  • me:
  • mom:don't say it I'm leaving
  • me:
  • ...
“youre not always going to play video games youre going to reach a point in your life where theyre not that important”
when ur mom comes home early and u gotta change back from ur shark form QUICK
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"is this one direction’s new album" "ya" "when did it come out" "next monday"
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when people disrespect their mothers in front of other people because they’re trying to look cool
Trish arranged for Zayn and the rest of the 1D boys to buy goodies for a whole ward of poorly childrenover at Ninewells Hospital in Dundee, ...
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