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mine gifs* Dylan O'Brien thomas the maze runner dobedit mazerun dylansobrien lydiastiliskis userhollandroden the scorch triels I LOVE THOSE GIFSETS
mine i love him he speaks the truth Disneyedit Africant atlantisedit hallofheroinesnetwork m: atlantis: the lost empire womanupnetwork c: dr. sweet i'm really proud of my colouring for this set :)
This is high school all over again selfie bee presents are so stressful i do not know why but every present gets worse with every minute after you bought it like avocados let us talk about something that is good and not avocado related I GOT UNDERTALE and ITS SO GOOD it is SO PRETTY and the story is so good I am stuck at the fight with Undyne (?)  since saturday and its amazing and I love every minute of it please help me it is awful I am running away but I am not fast enough
lmao Fanart hq doodles <3 sketches kageyama tobio he is such a cutie Haikyuu!! mizy cant get over him hinata shoyo third yr!Kageyama Third yr!Hinata I love this cutie so much augh Headcanon; he grew 7cm within 2 yrs Kageyama grew 5cm only Stopped at yr 2 Btw 0u0b's hinata is a beaut his third yr hinata and his art thou
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