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11 TED Talks That Will Change Your Life
These are some of my favorite TED talks of all-time, guaranteed to inspire. If you have some favorites of your own that are not listed here, you may add them in the comments below. John Hunter - The World Peace Game Marcin Jakubowski - Open Sourced Blueprints for Civilization Hyenseo Lee - My Escape...
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* montreal xavier dolan les amours imaginaires Monia Chokri Niels Schneider i just translated this from the french version myself lol
mine Home Cell i love looking thru old pix i took lol
At this moment there are 6,470,818,671 people in the world. Some are running scared. Some are coming home. Some tell lies to make it through...
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Depression, Sometimes its screaming and crying and smashing plates Sometimes its numbness and quiet and “oh god why am I not dead&...
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  • Aries:they try so hard to be so intense all the time, but in reality they just need a break. they're constantly going full speed ahead and then feel like they have too much on their plate. they work too quickly and make mistakes that sometimes cause them to overthink or become outraged.
  • Taurus:try to fix everyone and everything. without paying any attention to themselves, they try to give advice, talk to people 24/7 and try to make the world a perfect place. but, when things come crashing down, they feel alone in the world with no one at all.
  • Gemini:are always being silly and acting as if life is a party. they forget that being serious has its benefits, and sometimes are worried that they're not getting enough out of life. they are social butterflies who sometimes feel like they're never going to find their one niche.
  • Cancer:cancers are emotional to begin with so sometimes they're sad because they just feel down. they sometimes have a pessimistic attitude towards life and thinks of things from a negative point of view, which allows for sadness to seep into their veins unwelcomed.
  • Leo:although they may seem outgoing and funny, they often have a sense of doubt within themselves. they feel like no one likes them, or that they're not good enough for the world. all of which is completely untrue.
  • Virgo:are hopeless romantics who sometimes feel heavy with grief when the girl or guy of their dreams hasn't come along. they worry that they're going to end up finding no one.
  • Libra:try too hard to be carefree. they worry a lot to begin with and try to change the way in which they work. they are sad because they don't want the world to be a sad place.
  • Scorpio:are so intense they often become raveled up in their own thoughts, which ultimately put them in a position to be upset. they are also quite worried about the future and what's going on, and think so hard they upset themselves.
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I’m ready to take the captain America challenge and sleep for 70 years
inkskinned r.i.d raquel is literally my queen i would shed blood for her
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