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how to tell if I'm sad again
•I don’t respond to your texts for days •I don’t respond to your texts for hours •I don’t respond to your texts at all •I respond with short answers •I sound disinterested in our conversations, texting or not •I don’t eat/drink/talk as much as usual •I stare out into space more than often •I ...
When you find the one
love this
mine nice mars nasa yik yak
my grandpa saw my gemsona on facebook and now he wants me to draw him a gemsona
Janet Mock
i, personally, would love to calm down, and yet
thank you absolutely fresh off the boat i feel like la noche and el chamuco would do this *in angry spanish* HELLO MY LOVE YOU LOOK BEAUTIFUL TODAY DO YOU WANT TO MAKE LOVE AFTER THIS? I LOVE YOU SO MUCH GOD DAMN WOMAN I LOVE YOU TOO YOU HOT SACK OF SEXY chamoche sorry if u dont know what i tagged
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Can I tell you a secret? You don’t have to be in a relationship.    I mean it. I know they force it down your throat until you choke o...
I love cheese.
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