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  • How teachers assume groups of three work:everyone does 1/3 of the work
  • How they actually work:One cunt does absoloutley nothing, another person doesn't really understand but tries their best, and the third person ends up doing 70% of the work so that they don't fail.
gif * um Bastille dan smith middle one doesn't have any kind of psds whatsoever cos tumblr hates me
mine exo exo m Luhan Kris Wufan 1klmao mygif:ygkk cos FINALLY someone beat him in the looks ranking lololollll
Black and White paris bw NY dk ng Adolf hitler adolf p&b cos amiguinhu rsrs the usa
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mine m photosets Events h s t i just i cant i DONTT KNOWW???????? IDK WHAT TO I AM SPEECHLESS I AM CRYNGGG AAND I FEEL BAD COS I DIDNT PUT LIAM
my gif ed ed sheeran sheeran edsheeran Teddy Sheeran
1k mygif exo exo m Chen jongdae exogif requested by anon god bless the ppl who made this mv cos the coloring was so easy to manipulate
mine exo exo m Minseok xiumin 1klmao mygif:ygkk this part killed me cos i knew something bad was gonna happen to him :((
Harry Styles One Direction Zayn Malik zarryedit this is shit but just wanted to edit cos sleeping in the same cardigan
cos cos x nendo
Maggie Smith m Mean Girls Meryl Streep jessica lange ed Tina Fey susan sarandon jessica walter i just thought jane lynch was too young for this  cos shes in her 50s and idk how maggie smith would come in i just want her there
That moment when Kai and Chanyeol ran up and hugged Suho 'cos they thought he was crying, when all h...
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The Perks Of Being A Wallflower valentines day Valentine's Day perks of being a wallflower Ezra Miller Valentine's we need to talk about kevin