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You know how when Yahoo bought Tumblr someone joked about turning the website purple? They’re doing it.    Shade by shade.
thoughts AMEN i love it so happy TOOK YOU LONG ENOUGH LMAO
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Please watch this video if your sad. (No kitties were hurt....
gif Aang Avatar animation katara avatar the last airbender Bryan Konietzko Michael Dante DiMartino gif animation mathilde vachet mac rabbit dance-bending fucking good show !!! now i still have to watch korra i am so glad !
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  • Me:The disk won't eject I've tried ejecting it like twelve hundred times.
  • Customer-support-guy:Okay have you tried ejecting it from the desktop?
  • Me:I can't- the computer's frozen.
  • CSG:Uhm, okay- uh- Jeez this is so not my division.
  • Me:. . .
  • Me:What did you just say?
  • CSG:Have you tried turning it-
  • Me:Did you just quote Sherlock?
  • ...
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