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The MRAs were correct: You let women star in action movies, and the next thing you know, they’re liberating your sex slaves, killing post-apocalyptic capitalists, and taking over your militaristic empire and freeing its oppressed underclasses.
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I need to point this out because nobody else is.Look at Furiosa’s top. Look how it looks like wrapping. How it’s layered like strips. Compare that to Max’s shirts, the clothes of the Wretched, single pieced.Look at the fabric.By gosh, I wonder where she’d get fabric like that.Hmmm…Visual stor...
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You know what I’m sick of? The limited creativity when it comes to the design of pads and tampons. It’s almost always the same: simple, ““feminine””, cute, pastel-colored packaging, as if our periods are cute and fun. Sometimes they even have little flowers on the packaging! Aww, it’s almost as if t...
Mad Max was so problematic.
No one used their blinkers for the entire movie.
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Furiosa isn’t the female action hero we’re used to. Furiosa doesn’t have a dad who taught her boxing or five brothers who taught her how to fix cars. Furiosa wasn’t a tomboy growing up, who preferred to play with the boys. Furiosa isn’t avenging the murder of her husband/brother/father or hunting do...
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Today is the 11th anniversary of ‘You mad?’ Bill is still m...