• made a better one •
1k the hobbit bilbo baggins Gollum the hobbit: mine hobbitedit reposting a better version than the one I made before
harry potter martin freeman Benedict Cumberbatch POA tom hiddleston bilbo baggins loki editgif mtv after hours the hobbit bts so yeah I wasn't a fan of the original one. Made these instead :) they are not perf but It's better than the original
parks and recreation Ron Swanson made my day better
Harry Styles One Direction * gifs i wish i made better gifs tbh
Build Me Up Buttercup (cover)
Tyler Joseph  Build Me Up Buttercup (cover)
Build Me Up Buttercup - Tyler Joseph (download) ~happy friday!~
louis tomlinson One Direction Niall Horan * i feel you I FEEL YOU HOMEGIRL i... don't really know why i made this to be honest other than maybe to make myself feel better about my old age
mygif shinee minho choi minho cherrytio i hope you like it sanna :-) :-) :-) im sure u do hohoh i even made a photoset bc two is better than one look at the hungry beauty now ~
mygifs kuroko no basket Kuroko Tetsuya makoto hanamiya I made a better version than the previous one
art mine* primary k hip hop zion t khh i kinda like how this one turned out i feel like i should have made a better background tho... oh well lol
Black Metal metalgate
ace attorney apollo justice long post things may made apollo justice: ace attorney aa4 ajtumblr I COULDN'T FIND A BETTER ONE FOR TRUCY and i wanted her to have a cute one ;_; there's probably gonna be a pt 2 this post started getting too long
~ lea michele i already made one of these like 5 months ago but this one is way better shes so stupid
^ t les mis les miserables Eddie Redmayne aaron tveit Enjolras to be deleted Marius one day more Marius Pontmercy no one will reblog this im sorry i just needed it but i guarantee you someone else probably made a better version lol france before pants marius god this was my favorite part from the song
1k edit blue G Dragon seriously gd Kwon Jiyong hair colors can you please not this is one of my faves edit: gifset with black and blonde photoshop closed twice unexpectedly because is a fucking asshole this took me like 6 hours but then i was like i don't give a single fuck tbh there are like two gifs that looks horrible i made those in 10 minutes ps get on my nerves i think this is better than the pink one i found better videos (hq) let me talk about the 4th one fucking stupid ass fucker who dare you gd's facial expressions on haru haru live are my life you're disgusting i don't like you at all *throws up while posting this* good fucking bye bitches you all better reblog this or imma cut a bitch
louis tomlinson Harry Styles One Direction Zayn Malik liam payne 1D australia shirtless boat Nial Horan
warning Click and Drag kuroko no basuke kuroko no basket elipsy warning knb my art stuff i made a click and drag for knb wayyyyy back when mayuyus name wasnt even revealed ahaha this one is a bit... better... i hope this may hurt your eyes a bit
1k my gifs doctor who David Tennant Billie Piper Rose Tyler 5k the tenth doctor ten x rose the 10th doctor tentoo TenToo x Rose metacrisis doctor my gifs:dw i know i made one like this before its been a year and i knew i could do a better job i did gif manips you guys
1k edits v bts 2k jin 1k+ dating sim jimin Bangtan suga rap monster jhope jungkook mine:edit:bangtan i made a gif version of this but the colors on it sucks so ima post this one instead the other one just has blinking arrows but whatever this took a long time man but oh well I finished :D lame pickup lines are better when used by bts lol dating sim bangtan should i make a perverted one? (;
louis tomlinson One Direction 1knotes idk i made i t bigger and better HE IS SO TINY ISHURTS