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@mcu where are the gays
  • marvel:here's the carol danvers and t'challa movies you wanted
  • mcu fans:YOOOOOOOO
  • marvel:also we ARE doing civil war
  • mcu fans:NOOOOOOOO
I know everyone seems to want Natalie Dormer for Carol Danvers, but I’d like to offer up the obvious choice: Gwendoline Christie.
It happened. It finally happened. I was at a very crowded Broadway lottery today wearing a small SHIELD button and when the people started to disperse the most innocent, average looking middle aged man holding hands with his wife walked past me, leaned in, and he whispered “hail hydra.”
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we could have had it all
Ultimately Peggy Carter is James Bond in better shoes, and believe me, 007 should be grateful for the comparison
Dear Marvel, If you insist on using a white guy to play Spider-Man, at least keep Andrew Garfield and make Peter bisexual. If you insist on recasting, at least hire someone who isn’t white like Osric Chau, Donald Glover, or one of the literally dozens of other non-white actors who fit the pa...
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“average superhero gets 3 films a day” factoid actualy just statistical error. average superhero gets 0 films per year. Spiderman Georg, who lives in a cave & gets over 10,000 each day, is an outlier adn should not have been counted
i really hope that the distorted human screeching and whirring noises of the winter soldier soundtrack make it into civil war. like ‘it’s been over 2 years and not even a trace. he could be anywhere’ [super creepy/cool music builds to a crescendo] [cut to bucky eating a sandwich in front of the stat...
Natalie Dormer for Captain Marvel
DC fans are just angry because 8 Marvel movies come out in-between each Batm- I mean DC movie.?
If you didn’t get the hint, I really, really hate MCU. I don’t want to rain on anyone’s parade, but what Marvel has done is way too personal for me to be quiet. The one thing I will force upon you with all my heart, is my pure hatred of the Doctor Strange movie. I’m begging you, please boycott Docto...
I was curious so…Sam Wilson’s position at the VA is likely “Peer Specialist”.This requires a certification through the state but doesn’t require any sort of degree or psychology experience. (Stop calling him a therapist) It’s a GS-5 grade job which looks like requires absolutely no college ed...
*looks at sebastian stan*
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Calling all Marvel fan-creators
You’ve heard the bullshit. Of course you have.I am proposing that we make 1 June 2016 a DAY OF JEWISH COMICS. Jewish people created this industry and the beloved, nigh-immortal characters still so popular to this day. Let’s fight the antisemitism of the current moneyed creators and give back to the ...
Either way, I’m terribly frustrated. Marvel’s commitment to the female gaze (see all sorts of Marvel movies where the hero is sh...