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Illustration digital art Overwatch Zarya d.va aleksandra zaryanova hana song Overwatch outfit swap my newest self-meme Sockie draws a thing this was actually so much fun I'm off for the night but I'll get back to these tomorrow and Saturday
photos hanzo Reinhardt Overwatch symmetra haru draws
hillary clinton BERNIE SANDERS election 2016 feel the bern Democratic Primary i'm with her
photography fashion flowers Backstage Interior details haute couture Dior Palace Hungary match gowns emboidery
style lgbtq gym identities lgbtq gym Perfect Sidekick queer gym
my gif gif hayao miyazaki Kiki's Delivery Service MY EDIT my post studio ghibli 1k! In color studioghibligif kikiedit studioghibligifs 400! arghhh couldn't quite get the 2 to match i blame old ghibli and it's the same damn scene so it really should've been identical lol b/c the psd was the same lol lacuna1024 > lacuna-matata
nintendo WiiU Splatoon squidlab splatfest
gifs song joong ki jin goo kdramaedit maker: Steph descendants of the sun dramaknetwork this scene cracked me up this two are adorable dorks
science artificial intelligence rise of the machines deepmind alphago
design architecture interiors
Niall Horan candids UFC 196
gifs mine edit haikyuu Haikyuu!! HQ!! Yamaguchi Tadashi Tadashi Yamaguchi hq!!edit dailyhaikyuu mine: hq!! fyhaikyuu haikyuux haikyuus so proud of him //cries ;;;;;; so many mixed feelings about this match tbh ; v ;
When the thrusts match the music.
a baby fire goes to school at the cindergarten
* clary fray Jace Herondale tmiedit clace shadowhunters claceedit shadowhunters* shadowhuntersedit clace* sorry the colouring doesnt match lol
Fanart anya Tris aden Lexa The 100 my preciousss Lexaden Trisanya can you imagine Lexa and Anya bickering over which duckling was better and Lexa will be like of course my duckling is better I am the one who trained him and I am Heda! and Anya will be like who do you think trained you you arrogant little shit and Aden and Tris will just be rolling their eyes at them (yes in my world Anya is still very much alive)
photography fashion rock black nature cave runway catwalk AF Vandevorst fashion show match
sports yes gymnastics arts whip gymnast dab Black Excellence quan identities nasty freestyle Sophina DeJesus
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