• math puns i'm so sick of horoscope memes so i had to math it •
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cats i dont know math what is going on pre calculus crazy cat man
my shit stevebucky stucky marveledit mcuedit captainamericaedit this is terrible and i wish i had better caps to work with but i give up i am so sick of it i'm sorry also I'M A CLICHE the biggest cliche to ever cliche
  • radio:doh
  • me:not again
  • radio:doh doh doh, doh doh doh
  • me:this is the 73rd time today
  • radio:doh doh doh, doh doh doh
mine sherlock sherlock holmes john watson sherlockgif what's the point this is the life i forgot one like when i did the math of how many per episode i should do i fucked up my math and so i was missing one whole gif and i was like wtf so now the order is out of whack and everything is out of whack it's all going to fucked up by entropy anyway
Marvel Ultimate Spider-Man M.C. Escher amy reeder
A limerick:
Doesn’t look like a limerick to you? Try this: A dozen, a gross, and a scorePlus three times the square root of fourDivided by sevenPlus five times elevenIs nine squared and not a bit more.
gif 1k LOL 2k pie 40K pie day ??????? what are tags math puns I HAVE WAITED FOREVER TO USE THIS GIF
m ironic how i like the look of grids so much but its the aesthetic of my maths exercise book n i hate math
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1k* !mygif dishonored 2k* farley havelock mygif:dishonored ok so it takes 6 bottles to kill him //the more u know// guys i have a math final in 2 hrs pls wish me luck
so sad nothing to do I'm done so tired i feel like shit sick of it SO HURT all i can do is feel it
My art doodles yvette vaughn rhys tales from the borderlands tftbl hugo vasquez I could imagine Vaughn wouldn't wear his expensive glasses to a party like that also his costume is a calculator 'cause I haven't made any 'Vaughn loves math' jokes also the ship has sailed the ship has sailed so hard man it feels good to finish something still no jack doodles frickin' jack baby face vaughn in the first pic and the monopoly comic looks really blurry?
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failing math exams like [haikyuu team member voice] don’t mind don’t mind
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