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What makes 29 year olds better than 28 year olds? Their still in their prime.
Advanced Math Pickuplines
I’m proving the existence of love at nth sight by induction, and you’re my base case.  Are you a ring theorist? Cause dat ass is a maximal ideal. I could extend integrally and show you my going-down-property “I believe you’ll find my Hardy-Littlewood quite maximal.&rdq...
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É aqui que me despeço de tudo que senti por você. Cheguei a achar que duraria tanto, e o tanto durou tão pouco. Reli pela última vez suas me...
Using the chain rule is like peeling an onion. You have to deal with every layer at a time and if it’s too big you’ll start crying.
It’s called Alpha. Stop calling it fish.
Please don’t just sit there like a vacant little catastrophe if you don’t understand this.
How the Egyptians Did Math
So if you list out the double of numbers starting from 1 (1+1=2, 2+2=4) you can sum up every single number out there 1+16= 17 What if we wanted to do, something complicated like 17x25? Double the 2nd number. So 25+25=50, 50+50=100, and so on Circle the corresponding numbers. So 1 pairs up with...
There, easy as pi. The constant that is, not the pastry. The pastry can be very difficult.
On this quiz, I asked you to find the determinant of a 2x3 matrix. Some of you, to my great amusement, actually tried to do this.
The scores on your last exam were fantastic! I never had a midterm average as high as 43% before!
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