• maxie loses his shit •
1k *** Tonight Alive I love you so much Jenna McDougall whakaio taahi .............. mine ta jenna wtf why you adorable little idiot the way whakaio just loses his shit omfg
gif VHS animated gif 80s 1980s hamburger burger psycho
NYC my shit new york city omfg aww finn jacksgap finn harries Harries Twins cheeky finn harries he looks so scared a day in new york
gif 1k super junior MY EDIT shindong heechul heenim ss5 hcedit sdedit
What is that noise?
In which Ray makes a joke and Michael loses his shit
MY EDIT vips ji i wanna see his face i seriously don't understand how cool and calm they were even that girl who screamed she was able to continue the convo like it's nothing AND THIS FAN IS SO AWESOME vji my ji edit btw the other female fan is so annoying ji was right to hang up on her
gif my gifs lucille ball i love lucy desi arnaz Photoset: Ricky Loses His Temper
homestuck anime expo homestuck anime expo tag
my gifs vintage television 1950s lucille ball i love lucy 1952 Ricky Loses His Voice you aren't allowed to be that cute
my gifs Big Bang
* 2k robert carlyle Rumplestiltskin ouatedit robertcarlyleedit rumplestiltskinedit the way he loses his voice the fear in his voice god damn it carlyle
my gifs bucky barnes winter soldier cap 2 plz tell me i'm not the only one who loses their shit over that little smile??
1k mine bts jimin but srsly Bangtan tbh if you go down the set he loses his cheeks and his clothes LOL he looks really different to me between the third and fourth sets ;-; he lost a lot of weight
  • Obama:Who am I?
  • FDR:You are the president
  • Obama:I dont know what that is
  • Reagan:In order to remember you must regain your American spirit
  • Lincoln:If you don't, tyranny will engulf the country and you will die
  • Obama:How do I regain my American spirit?
  • Clinton:Go to the beginnings. Find freedom
  • -Washington Appears-
  • ...
Oppan Afro Circus Style
PSY vs Chris Rock  DJ Arique Remixes
art pokemon My art Fanart may pkmn archie Maxie Norman team aqua team magma pokemon fanart oras poor norman he is dead inside think of all the times he was beaten by blazikens he doesn't even have mega evolution sea dad land dad normal dad
gifs shinee minho superficious ttby o g0d mino siGhhhhHhhHhHHhhhh