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Jim: Are those space pants? Because your ass is out of this world! Bones: No, kid, they’re softball pants, and this ass is out of your league.  
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leonard mccoy came out of the womb yelling at jim kirk
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Jim Kirk saved the Enterprise when he wasn’t even supposed to be there but Bones was the one who got him on the ship in the first place Jim Kirk sacrificed his life for the Enterprise but Bones broke his hippocratic oath and brought Jim back from the dead So don’t you dare tell me that Leonard Ho...
do you ever think about space and just
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Everybody who reads fanfiction has read one where it gets too weird and you’re like
jim and bones dancing at an officer’s ball and bones pulling jim closer to whisper into his ear and everyone that’s watching them smile because jim kirk finally got settled down with the nice doctor and they make such a cute couple and in reality bones hisses into jim’s ear; “...
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space husbands f: star trek KirkBones stpoems HI FRIENDS HERE YOU GO -- mckirk things because i can't stop?? though it can be spirk too idc whatever makes you happy friends [runs away] r: kirkspock r: mckirk
mine 1000 500 leonard mccoy *sigh* Jim Kirk mckirk star trek into darkness stid !graphic kirk x mccoy stedit trekedit !ST so I made the mckirk version??? but the light on the screencaps was so shitty and these look weird
my post star trek star trek xi leonard mccoy Jim Kirk mckirk *st idk but its kinda like my fave mckirk quote?
* mckirk like wow *star trek trekedit mckirkedit this song is such sad mckirk its the song u would play if kirk didnt wake back up but i like this line its happy its nice 'i was careful but nothing is harmless baby you'd better hurry' shimmys away from mckirk i should do my ap euro write ups go forth lil graphic ur not v good but i hope u make some people happy or hurt a lil
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