• mcsteamy is going to die •
* Darren Criss and so am i Already Home my computer is going to die
mine onew shinee SHINee:edits shinee:graphics onew:edits onew:graphics omg onew is so cute i'm going to die cr:BAM or smth
me self
  • friend:what do u want for ur birthday
  • me [external]:oh haha u don't have to get me anything!!!!!!
  • me [internal]:iced tea imported from England, lifeguards imported from Spain, towels imported from Turkey, and turkey imported from Maine
too cute when sad rottweiler puppies
Lucy is going to be SO heartbroken when she finds out Natsu was willing to die!
I mean, this girl has lost so much in the past year!Natsu, her best friend, left without warning or saying goodbye.The Fairy Tail guild, her home and family, was disbanded!She was extremely lonely and sad for a whole year!When Natsu finally came back it was obvious that she was hurt by his actions, ...
doctor who amy pond Rory Williams eleventh this is just like wtf is going on with u idiots? i love how rory is like: shit i'm going to die what am i suposse to do?
I am a Person that is Never Going to Die.
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Teen Wolf various lydia martin twedit argiro
boyfriend omg submission im going to die JJJJCCCCCC
funny perfect gay Tina Fey 30 rock nbc im going to die
art assassin's creed leonardo da vinci i'm not going to tag everyone I'm going to crawl into a hole and die now. also the weird blond thing next to Salai is Melzi aka the other assistant and Teodora I still like Paola the best and Volpe and yeah okay I'm just going to die now thank good bye also  let's pretend cesare is sittign on a stool and oh if you look Clay is there too and volpe and lupo are supposrd to be having a n argument fuck its bedtimr
My art twd the walking dead caryl Consumed this was initially going to be a joke about him losing his crossbow but then I realised he didn't give a fuck then(? and I was like: then why was he going to leave him to die....oh funniest thing is this last panel is my favorite drawing of daryl ever ajskahdjajjs
1k my gifs film mine brad pitt Quentin Tarantino Inglourious Basterds Mélanie Laurent these are mostly shosanna but wtvr
death depressed depression sad suicidal suicide lonely alone Personal die nightmare loneliness i want to DIE depressive im going to die im going to cry im going to kill myself suicideletter knifeman
  • me:*watches tv show*
  • tv show:[character is about to do something embarrassing]
  • me:*hides face*
  • tv show:[character does the thing]
  • me:*pauses the show, gets up, starts cleaning the room, does the dishes, finishes homework, goes for a walk, pets a dog, updates blog, reads a book, calls mum, takes a shower and tries to forget what just happened*
* Inglourious Basterds *ib Mélanie Laurent my internet is finally working and i can upload gifs jlflirfkjv