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There is a big new announcement. There is a huge new announcement. There is a terrifyingly large new announcement. Marvel has posted a new teaser video. It appears to be 1:36 of static and incoherent screaming. It already has over a thousand comments. Sebastian Stan has extended his contract. It e...
wait I just realized that when Cap 2 comes out on DVD Anthony Mackie might do a commentary track
@mcu where are the gays
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Okay but can I have a really lengthy, in-depth meta about Captain America and his USO girls? Like how at first these girls are split down the middle on opinions of him… at the start, half are probably thinking this is just a job, just a gig, they’re lucky to find something this cushy dur...
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occupation: still going on and on about captain fucking america
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Just imagine the Avengers going to Ikea, and Thor is the only one who can pronounce the name of anything. 
  • Movie Hawkeye:Disciplined, straight faced, some well thought out witty one liners.
  • Comic Hawkeye:Fuck this, fuck that, I want coffee, why am I not asleep? Pizza is great. I hate this, aw no. Oh god I said the wrong thing, where is my filter? Fuck me, why am I doing this? What am I doing- FUCK MOTHERFU- OH LOOK A DOG CAN I PET IT?
Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow has already been the most visible female hero in their film efforts, and soon she’ll appear in ...
Technically Thor wasn’t even part of the avengers initiative. He just showed up to the party.
I love the friendship dynamic between Thor and Steve, partially because while they have a great deal in common on the surface, their journeys in their heroic origin stories are the inverse of one another:Steve Rogers is a good man who becomes a heroic warrior.Thor is a heroic warrior who becomes a g...
It happened. It finally happened. I was at a very crowded Broadway lottery today wearing a small SHIELD button and when the people started to disperse the most innocent, average looking middle aged man holding hands with his wife walked past me, leaned in, and he whispered “hail hydra.”
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So Here's Everything That Went Down in the MCU Fandom In the Last 12 Hours
Variety reported that Robert Downy Junior would appear in Captain America 3 as Iron Man, and that he had been scheduled for a small part but them bumped up his on screen time and would be receiving 40 million dollars for the part.  They then went on to say that this would be the kick off for Civil W...
MCU fans, do yourself a favor.
Watch Avengers Assemble - the WatchDisneyXD show.Realize that this could easily  be canon in the MCU.As in, it could be the actual Saturday Morning TV show that people in MCU watch.Can you imagine?  A whole show written off broad characterizations based on what most of the “normal” people who live a...
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