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me LOL life dark af sad but rad late af
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lmao me af yxngsushi
Shoutout to the closeted kids who will have to deal with their parents shit taking the ruling I’m thinking about you
me af
  • me when driving and person is walking in front of my way:get the fuck out I have places to be I aint afraid to run your ass over
  • me when walking in front of someone driving:go ahead hit me bitch I could sue your ass, make money and quit my job
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me high af jolinxo
thirsty nigga tactic #514
if everytime you text him he’s always “just finishing” something, then he tryna fuck. “just finished” means “im willing to stop what im doing right now to try and slide between yo legs”.
I look hot af today mashallah on me
* kingsley mine: yt me af yt: kingsley
Tenho meu lado tímida, meu lado ciumenta, meu lado apaixonada, meu lado grossa, meu lado dramática, meu lado irônica… E meu lado com v...
reblog if u r space af
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people: there’s more than Harry Styles in lifeme: okay…. that sounds fake but okay….