• me and my girls •
seriously let me tell you something about teenagers (particularly teenage girls) there is a fucking television program entitled “i hate my teenage daughter” and you fucking sit there and judge these young people going through hormonal and social and mental hell while you make tv shows an...
i,m Not like ohter girls
i have TUMBOBLR!!!!notfacebook !!!!!! i watch TV show. INTERNET!!!!! random haha. DRESSES??????SKIRT??  oh my god. oh m,Y gdo. No. n]NO!!! impossaible!!!!!!!??¿ GAMES!!! I CAN PLAY!!!! OK???????????/// i play.. GAmes .lLike BOY.  heels……..hair….M…M…..MAKE UP???????...
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gif 1k panic! at the disco brendon urie ^ panic at the disco hey look I did a thing girls/girls/boys this was very awkward to do and i'm glad my dad's not home also this is weird don't look at me
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the difference between ""normal girls"" and me
””“”“”“normal”“”“”” girls:  me: 
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me Mean Girls Burn Book
my parents told me that if I didn't loose weight, no one would find me attractive. REBLOG if you fin...
help me prove my point :(
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